Postcards from Leechburg, Pennsylvania



Leechburg is located in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.  According to A Sesquicentennial Remembrance:  Leechburg Borough's 150 Years, the name Leechburg came into use between 1827 and 1839.  It was named for David Leech, a successful businessman of the town.

Many of my ancestors came from the Leechburg/Armstrong County area including the Bruners, Walters, Stulls, and Moores.  Some were residents of Bagdad in Gilpin Township.  Many of my relatives still live in the area.

I attended Leechburg area schools from first to 12th grade, graduating in 1968. I fondly remember the years I spent there.  I really enjoy collecting Leechburg memorabilia and postcards.  When I first started my collection, I could only find one postcard. As of December 2000, I have forty-three in my collection!  And there are many more out there.  I have found most of mine through online auctions, especially eBay at


Street Scenes, Page 1


Market Street

Market Street Looking West, Leechburg, Pa.


Market Street

Market St. Business Section, Leechburg, Pa.


Market Street

Market St. facing East, Leechburg, Pa.


Market Street

Market St., Leechburg, Pa.


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